Sky Sandison


2018-12-22: Edinburgh Skyline

2018-11-03: Reference photos and clippings at the National Museum Of Scotland research library.

2018-10-21: Howe Street, Edinburgh

2018-09-25: Lady Stairs Close, Edinburgh

2018-09-20: The Scottish National Gallery Building designed by William Playfair in 1859.

2018-09-19: More behind-the-scenes of this week’s drawings with dipping pen and ink.

2018-09-18: I draw with a dipping pen and ink. I often colour on the computer, but sometimes I use paints and …

2018-09-18: Near the top of Cockburn Street, Edinburgh.

2018-09-15: Detail of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

2018-09-15: Detail of buildings seen from Waverley Station, Edinburgh.

2018-09-14: View of Edinburgh Castle from the window.

2018-09-13: St Anthony’s Chapel in Edinburgh. I walk past the ruins of this old forgotten chapel every day …

2018-09-13: It’s me! Simple fashion for the changeable Edinburgh weather.

2018-09-13: My new logo with hand lettering (and a crow!)