Sky Sandison

Edinburgh Skyline

Reference photos and clippings at the National Museum Of Scotland research library.

Howe Street, Edinburgh

Lady Stairs Close, Edinburgh

The Scottish National Gallery Building designed by William Playfair in 1859.

More behind-the-scenes of this week’s drawings with dipping pen and ink.

I draw with a dipping pen and ink. I often colour on the computer, but sometimes I use paints and crayons too.

Near the top of Cockburn Street, Edinburgh.

Detail of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Detail of buildings seen from Waverley Station, Edinburgh.

View of Edinburgh Castle from the window.

St Anthony’s Chapel in Edinburgh. I walk past the ruins of this old forgotten chapel every day on my way into town.

It’s me! Simple fashion for the changeable Edinburgh weather.

My new logo with hand lettering (and a crow!)