Sky Sandison

When I see people who have blogs under their own domain name, going back ten or fifteen years I am quite envious. Still, no time for envy if I want to catch up!

So I’m back in Japan living near the river again.

Question: I’m wondering what would be a logical architecture for a bi-lingual (micro) blog and if anyone has had experience with this? Is it better to have two seperate blogs, one for each language, and I just switch between them to post in each language? Or have one blog, and use categories to seperate the two languages - but then I worry that anyone following the primary feed will constantly see doubled posts in each language, so I need to hide the primary feed with doubled-up content from users and just direct them to dedicated pages of each of the language categories? Is there another way that I am just not seeing? 🤔 Any help with this is much appreciated!

Sometimes, just when you think you know what path your life is taking, fate steps in and pushes you in a completey unexpected direction! 🌸

I have not disappeared, it just takes a very loooonnnggg time to write and draw a book, even with working nine or ten hours a day 😭

What are some good long-form blogs to follow?

I’d like to read well-written articles of substance by people who know their subject matter. Any person or topic is ok (but not too keen on lifestyle/productivity/self-empowerment type things). Thanks.

The first fourteen drafts of my story, from initial scribbles to completed scene-by-scene outline. Next step: draw it.

I think when you are trying to find the idea for your story, it is best to shut yourself off from the outside world for a few days. Avoid any external influence from other films & books. Lie on a couch with your own thoughts. Eventually what is important to you will surface.

My reference material is a mix of period photographs, and sketches from real life where I imagine what it looked like in the late 1800s.

I think I shall use this as a “behind-the-scenes” journal documenting the process. I’ll write it for myself, but other people can follow along if they find it interesting.

I can’t say that somebody hasn’t already made a story in the format I am going to present and distribute this one in, but I can say I haven’t seen anybody else do it this way. I am developing the narrative and business structure side-by-side.

I can’t call my work a “comic” because it’s not exactly funny. It’s not a “graphic novel” because it is a serial. It’s not “sequential art” because that sounds really pretentious. I think I will just tell people it’s a “story” and let them work it out from there.

I have been away for a while because I have been drafting the outline of an illustrated story I want to make. The “spine” is more or less finished, so I know what the ending is and the steps it will take to get there. I estimate it will take about 9 years to completel.

This is an unfinished test. It’s an old house in the Portobello area of Edinburgh. I probably will not finish it.

‪I feel like days are longer in Edinburgh because the travel distance between places is short.‬

Reference photos and clippings at the National Museum Of Scotland research library.

Sketchbook: Howe Street, Edinburgh

From last night’s preview of the Tolouse-Lautrec & The Art Of Celebrity exhibition. Starting today at the National Gallery Of Scotland.

The catalogue for the new Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition in Edinburgh. The National Gallery Of Scotland publications are all so beautiful, I want them all!

Close up of Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lady Stairs Close, Edinburgh

A rough from my sketchbook today: the Scottish National Gallery Building designed by William Playfair in 1859.

More behind-the-scenes of this week’s drawings with dipping pen and ink.

I draw with a dipping pen and ink. This week I have been posting things coloured on the computer, but I use paints and crayons too.